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Just a few of the letters of thanks we have received from delighted clients, (some have been edited for length)

You treated my Toyota with Punctureseal back in September 2004. My front tyres were new and the rear set had 12,000 miles on them. Only on your insistence in March 05 did I check the pressures and they were exactly as you had left them in September. My fuel consumption has also improved and with the mileage I cover that equates to rather a lot of fuel.  This week I had the vehicle MOT’d and have replaced the front set after 58,000 miles. Surprisingly the rear set are still legal after 70,000 miles!!
Ed Nash (BRE)

Since having the Punctureseal installed in the cars and vans at both Liverpool and Ellesmere Port my own fuel consumption has improved by approximately 5 miles per gallon - the reason I know this is because the Mercedes has an on board computer that tells you the mpg for each trip.  The Sprinters are also doing well - no punctures since we got your product.
Mark Jones (Pirtek)

Punctureseal has been effective for us, one tyre has had over nine punctures and is still effective.  I have found Punctureseal to be an exceptional product that has come with a top class service. Highly recommended.
Tim Foster (T.Cook Skip Hire)

It has now been over four months since we have had a puncture on our JCB Telescopic Handler.  Previously we have encountered up to four a week.  We would definitely recommend this system to other vehicles with similar applications.
John Westwick (SITA)

As a result of maintaining our tyres at the correct pressures, we have seen an impressive improvement in our fuel consumption from 7.85 mpg to 8.57 mpg.  This equates to an improvement of 9% and represents a huge saving within our road haulage operation.  We have not experienced any punctures which has dramatically reduced the downtime of our vehicles.
R Charles (DRS Logistics)

My wife and I hit some nasty debris in the fast lane, at the time I was doing in excess of 80 mph and was banked over when we experienced a rear tyre blow-out.  Punctureseal slowed down the air loss to a minimum and allowed me enough time to bring the bike to a controlled stop.  I would seriously recommend this product to anyone who values their life, limbs and bike and who could put a price on that?
Sinbad (Mid-Life Crisis MCC)

I was traveling along the Autobahn at a speed of somewhere near 110 mph, when I suddenly got a front tyre blow-out, this would normally cause full loss of control and serious damage to bike and myself!  Thanks to your amazing product, I kept the bike under control until coming safely to a halt... Phew?
Pete Parsons (Whitworth Warriors MCC)

Less than 24 hours after the installation I noticed a screw in my rear tyre, gently I unscrewed it and Hey Presto, no puncture.  It is rare to find a product that matches its expectations without breaking the bank, I will definitely be passing your number on to my family, friends and pupils.
Julie Burns ADI (Geared up School of Motoring)

Shortly after getting my Land-Rover, I had Punctureseal installed some 4 years and 49,000 miles ago.  In that time I have never had a puncture.  Interestingly enough, I was told that the Punctureseal would enhance my tyre life but no-one said by how much.  I can honestly say that I believe that my tyres are about 60% worn.  As an aid to road safety, Punctureseal is ideal!  As an aid for driving off-road, Punctureseal is brilliant!  But for someone who’s disabled, Punctureseal ought to be standard and fitted to every Mobility vehicle from the start of lease but if you simply want to get maximum life from your tyres and avoid that flat tyre on a cold and wet night.... Try it and be amazed: it’ll be the best option you’ll have ever purchased.
David Dennison (Mobility Off-Road Extreme Driver)