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“Let Punctureseal Help Make Major Financial Savings On Your Road Transport Costs”
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SureTyres Turns Caravan and Trailer Tyres Into Puncture-Proof Tyres
Increases Safety, Fuel Economy And Gives Up To 25% More Tread Life!

Punctures never come at a convenient time, do they?  Especially if you are towing, you’re cruising on the motorway, carrying livestock, moving plant, or trying to get to the ferry on time with your caravan and BANG!, there goes your expensive tyre, your trailer, and your appointment!  If you’re lucky, you stop safely….

The cost of a new tyre after most punctures is something you can’t always budget for, and the costs caused by downtime wasted at the side of the road, getting dirty, wet and cold, feeling vulnerable whilst waiting for your rescue service to arrive is never recoverable.  It can even be a killer with a blow-out at speed!
Under-inflated tyres is the number one cause of trailer instability and dramatically increases rolling resistance, which saps engine power and causes excess tyre heat - so substantially increasing fuel costs and reducing tyre life.
So, What’s The Alternative?

You could fit tyre bands, but they cost approximately £100 per pair and only work when you have a blowout!  Tyre bands don’t stop punctures!  -  SureTyres treatment  does!  And SureTyres Treatment keeps tyres cooler and prevents air loss, especially important over the winter when stationary tyres can perish, split or deform due to air leakage.

Asking SureTyres to call to your home or place of business and treat your tyres will maintain optimum air pressure, and will seal most punctures instantly, usually creating a permanent repair for the life of the tyre, greatly increasing driver and passenger and livestock safety and reducing expensive tyre costs.

Get SureTyres To Call Now!

Phone us now with your tyre sizes and vehicle application, for a no-obligation quotation for your Caravan or Horsebox and your towing vehicle, in fact any vehicle that has pneumatic tyres with or without inner tubes!

Our service is fast and efficient and performed at your home, office, place of work or any convenient location in minutes.

So, What Have You Got To Lose?

Please Call SureTyres For A Specific Quotation For All Your Vehicles
As Exact Pricing Depends On Actual Tyre Size Fitted.
Provides up to 9% Greater Fuel Economy, Provides up to 40% Extra Tread Life
Turns All Car, 4 x 4 & Trailer Tyres into “Puncture-Proof” Tyres
Caravan & Trailers